Experience at your service

Leaf is rich of decades in development as its roots go back to the mid 90es. For a solid body of experience, trust Leaf.

Quick deliveries

Building on our experience, development is solidly lead through its various phases and no stone is left unturned, so that code writing follows a smooth progression from feature specification to final production release. You'll see it happen, you'll see deadlines met and objectives reached.

Development cycle

At Leaf, we are comfortable with either classic methodologies - solid specifications - as well as agile methods (shorter specs, cyclic quantifiable feature enhancements) which may be more suitable for smaller, more creative outfits.

Who for?

We will happily take on the challenges of big e-commerce web sites, as well as any dynamic content.
We can provide large infrastructure management, we can look after your high availability clusters for 24 / 7 operations, resilient solutions.
We will always design with scalability in mind.

We are internationally minded

Multi-lingualism is hard coded in our DNA, and we are fluent in your language, with experience in European and Asian languages. Our technology is built with multi-lingualism in mind. For us, another language is never an after thought. We will be able to help with either the full design of a multi-lingual web site or the localisation of an existing one.


From XML to J2EE Java, javascript, php when needed, and on the server side, Weblogic, Resin, JBOSS, Tomcat, on Linux and Solaris, and many, many more, we will cover your needs

A Philosophy

Continuously improving to answer the needs of rapidly shifting markets and technology is the core of our thinking.
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